Homeowners’ Association of Village Green


Rules and Criteria

"Yard of the Month" is recognition for maintaining a beautiful yard on a consistent basis.


1. The Beautification Committee will judge yards.

2. Judging will take place the last week of the month for the following months winner.

3. "Yard of the Month" will be for 6 months out the year.  Begins April 1st thru September 1st.
*December - The Beautification Committee will be awarding the best decorated home.

4. The homeowner must be in good standing with Association dues and no violations of Bylaws and/or Covenants.

5. Beautification Committee Members and Homeowners Association Board are not eligible to win.

6. There will be one "Yard of the Month" winner.

7. No resident may receive "Yard of the Month" more than once in any calendar year.

8. "Yard of the Month" sign will be placed in the yard on the 1st day of the month and placed where it is most visible from the street. The Winner will be presented with a certificate and gift card. The winner will also be acknowledged on the website along with a picture.  The "Yard of the Month" sign will be removed by the Beautification Committee on the 1st day of the following month.


1. Weekly mowing and edging of the yard.

2. Weed less flower beds, seasonal color, regular mulching of flowerbeds, all shrubs trimmed properly, insect control, and a lush green, healthy lawn.

3. All plants must be living, no artificial plants.

4. Garden objects such as statuary and birdbaths are acceptable.

5. Yard must be free of debris and clutter (i.e. trash cans, recycle bins, etc.).

6. Resident must be in good standing with Association dues.